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Throughout the years

I mean like owning a site thats the COMPLETE opposite of what everyone else thinks wasn’t a walk in the park, especially in the early Hooligan days when bruno was still sorta new. I use to get death threats every day, told that i wasnt a real fan, trying to get THHS broken into constantly and hacked. Its COMPLETELY cooled down now days because mfs was OUT to get me and the the same ppl who hated me are all supportive and the only reason why i dont get extreme shit like that anymore is because now everyone wants to turn and support me once they saw the shit i was saying was true but when it was just like me and a couple other Tumblr ppl (that are still here and some just couldn’t take the heat and left) it was pitch forks and fire everywhere. It was wild then fam i cant lie. Nobody even wanted to associate with me but now that its the popular from me to speak your mind and shit now everyone wanna be “woke” BITCHES BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEE lol

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Throughout the years

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