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Sunny’s Appreciation Post 2017

“Everything you do, I respect and praise,
You’re a wonderful person, you always amaze.
Wish to say thank you, deep in my heart,
For my life, you’re a big part.”


SIS! You’re FREAKIN amazing. You would most likely be the peace maker of the group. Always calming everyone down when shit gets crazy and entertaining everyone with your submissions and theories. Submission QUEEEEN! You were always the sweetest person to me and super relatable. You’re humor, posts and logic make this place better than ever. You are appreciated. Thank you SO MUCH!


QUEEN OF “Bang Bang”: @unorthodoxgal

OMGGG where do i start? I miss you sooooo much Amanda! You dont understand *cries*. You were the first person i admired in this fandom and also my first friend. You were so understanding and non judgmental and we use to always gush over Bruno together and i just miss talking to you just about everyday. I miss the old days and i CANT WAIT for you to come back and slay again. You showed me all about the fandom and helped me in so many ways. We always had eachothers backs. You’re very much so apprenticed.

p.s WHEN I SAY THIS I MEAN THE QUEEEENNNN OF SEXUAL BRUNO STUFF. Throughout these marvelous years, you’ve blessed the fandom with the best “Close ups” and many other things we all craved. Thanks so much <3


QUEEN OF TRUTH: @fuxwitbruno

I love you sooo much! I remember the days when we use to always talk all the time. The most to the point, informative and blunt (in a good way) person i knew when i first came into this fandom. The sweetest thing ever. You taught me so much and your blog use to be my absolute favorite. You were always one of my favorite people and always will be. Thanks so much for the best years EVER!


QUEEN OF RANDOM: @hooliganrehab

Heyyy! Whats uppp! you’re so freakin awesome and seem to be such a understanding person. You have the best username on here and you’re an all around real ass person. Thanks for being such a sweetheart and giving us great posts now and then. Pop up more hun, i miss seeing your name!


QUEEN OF SWEETNESS” @caramelmama123

You are the absolute sweetest person everrrrrr. Like in the whole world. You’re posts always make my day and you do also. Youve been so nice to me and just an all around angel and im so thankful for you! You’re very much appreciated. You’re always on the low but id loooooveeee for you to pop up more. Love you!


QUEEN OF LMAO: @smokegetsinyoureyestwilighttime

YOU KNOW HOW TO KEEP A PARTY GOING. Your humor is great and so is your logic. We’ve had some good ass covos and you are so understanding and easy to relate to. Did i mention i love your username lol. You’ve been following The HHS for a minute but it feels like the longest (in a good way) thanks for your hilarious submissions and ability to make a joke out of an odd situation.


QUEEN OF “awwwwww <3″ @onemoreday2

Thank goodness for you! You’re such a sweetie pie and you always inform us/me about things that go on and always correct someone when they’re wrong. You are an all around amazing person and great to talk to. Its obvious you’re a dedicated fan to Bruno and only want the best for him. Im sure he’d appreciate you so much.


QUEEN OF CHILL: @zgirlfun911

I miss you sooo much girlll! You gave me such a good big sister vibe. I miss talking to you all the time the most. You’re the bestessttttt person ever lol. You were always so chill and clam and was another who knew how to calm everyone down. You are the sweetest soul ever and so cute <3. Thanks for everything. You’re a sweetie pie! Hope you come around more soon when you arent busy.



MY FAVVVVV omggg girl i love your soul! You are seriously like a little sister to me (even though u might be older to me) but i get that vibe. You are the sweetest person ever and could always make my day. You have such a big heart and can make the best out of every situation. Such a dedicated and wonderful person, Thank you for everything and for the sweetest convos ever. __________________________

QUEEN OF “Super”: @gorillabreath

Heyyyy fam! What a super person you are. The old covos we’ve had. Goodness, i miss them and i miss you even more. You were such a sweetheart and we had just about the same views on stuff we hated and liked lmao. You are an amazing person and will always be on my favs list. I appreciate u so much!


QUEEN OF “YASSSS”: @r0chellex



QUEEN OF WOKE: @pinkcookiedimples

I miss you so damn much. U used to be my best buddy and you’re so beautiful with your model self! Love you girl! Hope all is well! WE NEED TO GET BACK IN TOUCH ONE DAYYY!


QUEEN OF MIA: @ayanna-monett98

I MISS TALKING TO YOU SOOO MUCH SIS!!! I looooveee uuuuu!! *cries*


QUEENS/KINGS OF APPRECIATION: @ironically-royal-potato, @captain90sfreak, @apostgradnothing, @gillem, @roxannesss, @dreamsasbigasmyheart, @menonebunch, @andallthoseothercliches, @acarrotlover, @realslimsavage, @bcgorilla , @its-just-nex , @damayantu, @xprocrastinatingx, @brunoimyourgorilla , @bmarsyrgt @bruno-stole-my-heart , @unorthodoxjackson  and @xcharliemcx


You all mean so much to me and i love you all! You’re the best group of peeps ive ever came across and i miss you too. Even though we may not talk everyday or have just talked in the past, you all will always mean so much to me.


AND A SPECIAL MESSAGE TO ALL MY ANONS (The real kings and queens)::

You all dont even understand how much i love you! The HHS wouldn’t be possible without you all. You are the most important part and these beautiful years ive spent talking to you guys daily have been the best years a girl could ever have. No matter how much we may disagree with eachother that means nothing when it comes to how much i feel for you guys. Thank you for EVERYTHING. Please know that i will always be here for you all always. I love you guys with the biggest piece of my heart


AND IN ALL HONESTY, MY HEART IS BROKEN BECAUSE I KNOW THAT I LEFT OUT SO MANY AMAZING PEOPLE IN MY APPRECIATION POST. Just know that i love you so much and just because i may have forgotten your name doesn’t mean anything. You all are my loves and i appreciate EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU! BLESS!

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Sunny’s Appreciation Post 2017

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