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Sunny what’s some secret talents that you have

Well I’m one hell of a actress, I act like I care about a lot of things. Lmaooo just kidding y’all know life is NOTHING without humor 😂💕 but honestly um I know how to play the trumpet and the electric guitar, right now I’m trying to learn Prince’s solo in Purple Rain which is NOT EASY guys NOT EASY 😭ummmm what’s else 🤔I like to write songs and stuff but am too scared to go further with it because the industry is fucked right now but maybe soon as the rest of the pediphiles and sex abusers get exposed in Hellywood then I’ll go for it and make my dreams come true but until then I’m good with being underground. Lol thanks for such a good question baby😘😘

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Sunny what’s some secret talents that you have

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