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(Submission)Nerd here: Putting my two cents in. Man I LOVE Bruno so much & always quick to…


Nerd here: Putting my two cents in. Man I LOVE Bruno so much & always quick to defend him, BUT if he’s wrong, then I would NOT support him, I can’t. I defend Bruno when I feel he’s being falsely accused or things been misconstrued regarding him. But if he’s wrong, then I will drag him MYSELF. The incident when he called out the girl in particular was definitely wrong, all he had to do was just move on to another girl that’s it. I actually remember that’s not the first time he was rejected during the “pick up lines” skit. Another time, a girl in the audience told Bruno she had a boyfriend, and Bruno IMMEDIATELY moved on to the next girl. Lmao. He should’ve done that with the other girl too. But instead, he got his ego bruised and “jokingly” sang “Fuck you” to the girl. Which definitely looked bad. Bruno has a dark sense of humor which most of the time is great, but at other times is inappropriate. And could back fire on him. Like it did in this situation. Overall, I feel Bruno is a genuinely good person, and I don’t think he would do anything exclusively heinous, if he did, I would be highly disappointed in him and would have to stop supporting him. But I don’t think that Bruno is this bad guy at all, he’s not a perfect angel, he can get caught up and fucks things up sometimes. But his heart is in the right place, and that’s why I still love and support him. These incidents are old & happened a long time ago so I truly hope he learns from them to never do it again. So he can become a better person constantly evolving to improve himself. I also agree with the anon who said Bruno is oblivious to what’s going on regarding the people he works with. I also think Bruno tries to see the good in everyone, wants to give everyone a chance. But Bruno has to be vigilant and aware of the people he surrounds himself with. Don’t just work with anybody just for the Hell of it, cuz if they get in trouble, then Bruno becomes guilty by association. Be careful of who you decide to become friends with. And this is my last essay of today. Lol. It’s Sunday, I’m gonna relax & chill. Lol.

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(Submission)Nerd here: Putting my two cents in. Man I LOVE Bruno so much & always quick to…

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