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(Submission)Nerd here: I completely agree with anon who said Bruno is silent about Bruno. Imagine if…


Nerd here: I completely agree with anon who said Bruno is silent about Bruno. Imagine if there wasn’t any articles, if Instagram didn’t exist, if people actually listened to Bruno and put their phones down at his concerts. We wouldn’t know even half of the stuff that we know now. All the upcoming events, collabs, pictures, rumors, entertaining videos we get come from a third party source. Bruno is a quiet man. He don’t let us know about anything, until maybe the last minute. And also, especially this era, he doesn’t talk that much at all. Honestly I think it’s due to his mother’s passing. He did say once in a interview that when Bernie died, a part of him died as well. And that is plain to see. That’s why he stopped walking red carpets, he doesn’t do that many interviews as before. He doesn’t want to talk, he just wants to be left the hell alone. I think that’s like his coping mechanism. That’s how he’s mourning in his own way. Also, nowadays everyone wants to be fake “woke” and fake offended at everything. I also feel that maybe Bruno doesn’t want to tweet as much now, because he knows there are people literally watching him, waiting for him to fuck up somehow so they could “cancel” him. A harmless joke can turn into a trending issue. It’s annoying. There’s real issues out here, but people are too absorbed into what a celebrity have to say, and determine if they want to cancel them or not. Hell Bruno didn’t even do anything, and he was still attacked, and was trending for “culture appropriation” that was absolutely ridiculous. It would be great if Bruno spoke more on different topics, and I do miss the “old” Bruno who was once carefree and happy. But due to the things mentioned beforehand, and this fake woke culture, there’s literally some trolling ass people here who are not even real fans looking for anything, even the slightest thing wrong, to drag Bruno. I think Bruno peeped that, and doesn’t wants to be bothered with the bullshit. And it’s with all types of people, when Bruno tweeted recently about the gun control issue. He was attacked by the old conservative fans and told to not get too “political” and on the other hand, I actually saw some people here complaining say he didn’t do enough. That he didn’t say enough with the tweet. If Bruno says something, it’s a problem, if he doesn’t, it’s still a problem. I feel like Bruno doesn’t want the drama. Bruno does support many causes and donates to charities quietly, he has many things going on behind the scenes. Just because he’s not vocal, doesn’t mean he doesn’t do anything. But like Bruno always said, he doesn’t want to be known for any controversy, he wants to be known for his music, and that’s it. And there could be many other reasons for his silence. He could be stressed, or depressed, you just never know what a person is going through until you see it from their view.

Source: Where is Bruno Mars right now, Hooligan Hangout

(Submission)Nerd here: I completely agree with anon who said Bruno is silent about Bruno. Imagine if…

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