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(Submission) You'll thank me later…

So I’ve had some reservation about posting this because I know I’m going to get the resistance and the “I need the proof” type stuff. I’m not here to give the proof. I’m here to tell my truth. I met Bruno a little over 10 years ago in 2007 when my girls and I went to LA in one of our annual trips. We went to a friend’s house and there I met Bruno. We connected instantly exchanged numbers and hung out a few time before I went back home. The night before I left we shared a kiss (or maybe two or three lol) and from there I knew there was something special. We kept in touch for months before he decided to come visit me. Sparks flew again, but we lived too far away from each other and knew a relationship wasn’t a good idea. Besides his career was advancing and I did not want to get involved with anyone in the industry because I knew it would end up in heartache. Throughout the years I’ve been here for him through good and bad and I’m definitely labeled a “side chick.” But it’s my fault. I had the opportunity early on to be something more, but I pushed that away time and time again. I knew he was young, I knew he was going to be dumb and I knew it wouldn’t work. We however maintained a sexual relationship although I knew it may not have been the best idea. Now that I’m older I do have some regrets. You see, I am 5 ½ years older than him (yes he does like older women lol). When we met he lied to me about his age and by the time I found out the truth I didn’t care because feelings have no boundaries. However, that age difference def played a role in maturity and what we wanted out of life. When he started dating Chanel in about 2009, I had also met someone else and told him I couldn’t have this type of relationship anymore. I ended up eventually getting married and having two kids. We kept in touch here or there, but nothing sexual. I knew he wasn’t faithful to his girl and I told him numerous times he needed to get out, but he didn’t. He was living the rock and roll lifestyle. Eventually both of our relationships fell apart and I ended up divorced. He came to me once more asking me to move in with him and that he would support me and my kids, but I couldn’t do it. He wasn’t going down the best path and I did not want to put my kids through it. He then met Jessica and things got serious pretty quickly. I was bummed but he still snuck calls to me. I say snuck because she is extremely jealous. But we have managed to still keep our relationship, sexually too. I honestly think we are that good that she doesn’t know, but I could be wrong because she everyday proves me to me that she’s mainly there for the perks. She may not even care. I am flown to shows where she’s not going to be there and I’m hidden quite well. You will not find me backstage EVER. There’s too many other wives and one in particular that I’d rather not get into a messy situation with. A driver will always drop me off at the arena and pick me up. I will always have a great seat, just not backstage access. This is something we decided together. When he wasn’t touring he would plan “business trips” to see me or if he was actually on business (which he doesn’t take his gf for)I will be flown out. I don’t stay in the hotel he’s “checked” into. He stays with me and that’s why fans have a hard time sometimes seeing him at the hotel he is supposedly staying at. As far as our relationship goes, it’s not always about sex. It’s more than that. I’m sure you are wondering why then is he not with me? I don’t have that personality made to be with someone of his status. I am not your typical model type girl either that wears a size 2. I’m Latina (Cuban) 5’2 with booty and thighs. I do not have a flat stomach by all means and I know I would get picked apart in 2 seconds. Plus I have children to protect. I guess you can say I have the best of both worlds and I’m content with that. Although at times it makes me sad that he’s not coming home to me, but it’s the bed I made. As far as sex goes because I know everyone is assuming things and wants to know, so here it goes. He does like to talk dirty, but he’s not rough. Constantly asking me how I like it, do I want it harder, or where do I want his tongue. He’s more about pleasing though because that’s how he gets off. It’s usually nice, slow and sensual. Have you seen his moves on stage? lol Don’t get me wrong, if it’s been awhile sometimes it gets a little rough, but it’s not his regular thing. Some hair pulling, some slapping and some taking it from behind. He’s all about the romance though. As far as size go, he’s not monster, but he’s well endowed. It’s not skinny and thin AT ALL. I don’t know where people get this from. He definitely knows how to use it though. He likes to give oral sex and trust me I don’t mind receiving. He knows exactly where to put that tongue! We don’t use condoms, but we are careful. We also get tested every 6 months. He likes for me to be on top while he’s in a seated position and usually holds on to my ASSets as I ride him til he cums. We’ve had sex in bed, in the shower, in the car and even in the studio when I’ve managed to sneak in when no one is around. We don’t have multiple sessions though in one night. What kind of fantasy are you living in? Speaking of fantasies, I must share one important thing…..YOU JUST READ A FAN FICTION! You’re welcome!

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(Submission) You'll thank me later…

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