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(Submission) Wooow. So, I’ve been gone from the Hooligan page for a while and I see that…

(Submission) Wooow. So, I’ve been gone from the Hooligan page for a while and I see that I’ve missed alot of things. Can I just say a couple of things in reference to what I’ve read? Okay, here goes 1. I personally doubt the whole sacrifice thing in reference to Bruno. I mean, people die every single day. I dont believe Brunk would give up his mother for fame. I wasnt a fan of Bruno’s during the time of his mother’s death, but from what I’ve read, she seemed to have fallen ill and suddenly died. When it happened it seemed like Bruno dropped everything and went back home. 2. Like, let’s think about this accusation of family sacrifice for a minute. In the past there have been larger stars than Bruno, for instance, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, and Cher. Let’s use them for an example. I’ve never read accusations of them sacrificing anyone or even people “mysteriously” dieing who are close to them. Michael’s parents outlived him and so did Whitney’s. Not sure about Cher, but I believe her parents or at least her mother saw her rise and apex of her career. 3. With Bruno and that pickup line video… I’ve seen that and I thought Bruno should have walked off too. He shouldnt have responded like that to a fan who didnt want to play along. That’s was wrong and hopefully he doesnt act like that around women in his personal life. I know we give Jessica a hard time but she’s a person too, and while she may be annoying, I would hope Bruno is not verbally abusive to her outside of normal relationship ups and downs. Everyone argues in a relationship/marriage, but not everyone is abusive. 4. I cant speak too much on the Young Girls song because if you listen to alot of older artists music they refer to women as girls. That’s quite common to call a legally grown woman, 18 and up, a girl. I also dont really listen to Bruno’s older music to have a real opinion about the song *shoulder shrug*. 5. Specifically, Drake’s logo of a Owl isnt necessarily evil. There is really no animal of satan. Satan doesnt have an animal mascot because God created all animals including snakes, goats, and owls. Owls are a symbol of wisdom/knowledge. Now, is there a god associated with an owl? Yes, its name is Molech. Does that mean Drake is worshipping Molech? You’d have to ask him. To my knowledge, the Owl is a animal representation of OVO which stands for October’s Very Own since Drake is born in October. OVO looks like an Owls face, hence the Owl logo. I learned that from a google search. Maybe, there was more thought behind OVO and the owl that Drake may never reveal, but that’s him and his soul.

Source: Where is Bruno Mars right now, Hooligan Hangout

(Submission) Wooow. So, I’ve been gone from the Hooligan page for a while and I see that…

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