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(Submission) Versace on the Floor Theory

Nerd here: My theory about the Versace on the Floor video is that Bruno is filming from the perspective of a Hooligan/fan. Like when you think about it, Bruno chose a really young woman as the leading lady. Most of us main Hooligans are in her age group. Late teens/early twenties. And look what Zendaya is doing in the video. She obviously has a crush on Bruno judging by look she gave Bruno before she goes into her apartment. Just like we all have a crush on him. And when she’s inside and all alone, she’s listening to Bruno’s music singing some of the lyrics and basically fantasizing about him. She’s running her hands across her body imagining that Bruno is touching her. She has all of these dirty thoughts about him while listening to his music. Isn’t that what us Hooligans do? Especially when we are listening to a sexy song of his like “Gorilla” or “Our First Time” you’re thinking about all of these things about Bruno. We write imagines and fanfics about Bruno all the time. And we always have these “What if” type of conversations about him. I think Bruno knows this and is basically channeling how most of us fans feel about him. Or maybe he’s making fun of us. LMAO! 😂😂 I don’t know. But Zendaya is a girl who is in our age group basically doing what we Hooligans do all the time. Think about it. But the TWIST is she actually gets to live out her fantasy because she basically gets naked and knocks on Bruno’s door in the end. Transitioning from fantasy to reality. 😊😊😊

Source: Where is Bruno Mars right now, Hooligan Hangout

(Submission) Versace on the Floor Theory

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