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(Submission) "That's What I Like" Video Review

Nerd Here: I watched the video a couple of times and honestly, I am a little disappointed too. I’m so sorry Bruno, 💔 I know you co-directed this video, and this was your vision and everything but, I feel that a song like this needed a MUCH bigger production. I think that the animations and the dancing was cute, and I do like that he had that kind of time-lapse filter technology on him, to make his moves look more robotic like. But the video as a whole was lacking something. I see that Bruno wanted to go through the animations route which I like, but it could have been executed way better than just a bunch of simple white lines here and there. There should have been a whole animated world with brighter colors. That would have been mind blowing and revolutionary. Now I saw quite a few people saying that the video was cheap. I have to make a correction for that. The video may have looked cheap to some people, but I will let y’all know right now that animation ain’t cheap. Animation is quite expensive actually. Bruno probably paid quite a hefty sum just for those little animated pictures. And some people really believe that Bruno actually did this video in one day. LMAO! Bruno was obviously joking when he said that he just finished shooting the video and he’s gonna edit it himself and then take a bath in 2 hours! Haha! Good one Bruno! But really, something like this, especially with all the animations, that takes waaay longer than just 2 hours. To do all the concept planning and editing probably took about 2-3 weeks alone. And depending on how many people did the animation, that probably took at least a whole day to do. So this is not really a 2 hour thing. But HOWEVER I do agree that this still seems a bit rushed and not as complex and detailed compared to his other videos. I think there should have been more exciting graphics as a background, instead of the gray background shown. I do agree with the anon who said that Bruno probably wasn’t even planning on bringing this song out as a single right now because he was pushing “Chunky” and “VOTF” more performing them on SNL, Victoria Secret Fashion show, in Japan and on Carpool Karaoke. But “That’s What I Like” was really gaining traction, with little to no push, so Bruno probably just put out this video now. And I know that Bruno is a VERY busy man preparing for the tour and everything, but overall, this song still deserved a more exciting video with more eye catching visuals. It could’ve been better. I like the video, but I DON’T love it. But, with that being said, I am still proud that Bruno’s video was trending and garnered over 7 million views within the first 24 hours. That’s awesome! 😊 Hopefully, the song can ride all the way up to number one on the charts.

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(Submission) "That's What I Like" Video Review

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