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Submission: My thoughts on Bruno right now…

Ok, I wanna say a few things and there’s a lot I have to say so I am sending this as a submission, I hope this is OK to do this Sunny! If it’s not I apologize! I’ve held my peace for long enough but I just have to get this off my chest. Y’all give Jessica WAY too much credit and make her a bigger factor in Bruno’s life than she really is. Like another anon said she is nothing more than his f**k buddy, she’s a roommate with benefits & more like an insignificant other than a significant other. She is NOT the reason for Bruno’s recent behavior and choices he makes. Please. She’s just his bedtime buddy.

Trust me, she controls NOTHING in that “relationship”…not Bruno, not his choices—NOTHING. Bruno is the one in charge of the relationship. He calls all the shots, what he says goes and he does whatever he wants to do. He is not one to be manipulated or controlled by any woman especially a woman like Jessica. A strong woman like Chanel couldn’t control him, so what makes some of y’all think that Jessica can? It’s laughable to think that she’s controlling and influencing him or that she’s got some type of voodoo spell on him. Lol! Like seriously? If she had any kind of real control or magic spell over him, she would’ve had him marry her by now (with no pre-nup), impregnate her, have him regularly lavish her with expensive things and write & record a whole album of love songs dedicated just to her lol.

She has NO HOLD on him. The only reason why Bruno keeps her is because he absolutely hates the idea of being alone, and he would rather keep her around than be all by himself. He is not in love with her nor does he hold her in high regard. We all know that he’s cheated on her several times before and for all we know, could be cheating on her with some side piece right now. All them late nights “at the studio”… he might not actually be at the studio working I’m just sayin.

Now as far as Bruno’s recent behavior and why he’s seemingly withdrawn from his fans and not been interacting with us–could be due to several reasons. None of us really know the reason but I’m pretty sure it’s not because of ONE thing or person that has caused this. It’s probably a variety of reasons that run deeper that what we all see on the surface.

Yes I do miss his interacting with us and I do agree that he could take a few seconds to tweet us every now and then. It seems like he’s lost interest in connecting with his fans through social media for some reason. But I don’t think it’s because he’s become a jerk who doesn’t care about us anymore. I think there’s really something going on inside him, like maybe he’s dealing with depression or various issues or something. I feel like—and I’m not saying ALL of his fans do this, but sometimes I feel that SOME of the fans forget that this man lost his mother not even 3 years ago. The tragic and unexpected death of a close parent is life-changing and something you NEVER get over.

People say Bruno has changed—and they are right, he has! But it’s because his WHOLE LIFE has changed drastically since 2010. He’s no longer a little known, up & coming singer singing in local bars. He’s now a global superstar performing in sold-out stadiums across the world. He’s acquired a lot more fame and success and along with that, more pressure and demands to remain successful. And on top of that, he lost a very important and influential person in his life whom he loved dearly.

How could anybody remain the same after experiencing all the highs and lows that Bruno has experienced in just 5 short years? He’s only human and sometimes I think people expect too much from him. Fame is a very tricky and complicated thing. Many people don’t know how to handle it or deal with it properly—some do OK with it, others crash and burn. Bruno hasn’t had the advantage of growing up in the spotlight like some have.

He’s been famous for only 5 years and I think he’s still learning how to deal with some of the aspects of it along with maintaining a private life plus coping/healing/dealing with his mother’s death. That’s a LOT to handle. You cant expect someone to be the same person they were after experiencing the tragic loss of a loved one. Put yourself in his shoes and try to see things from his perspective. He is not the big jerk, terrible, dick of a man that some here have made him out to be. I’m sure he still loves us very much and is grateful he has us, but he’s human and he has his good moments and bad moments, good days and straight up sucky days just like all of us do.

I know this was lengthy and I apologize for that but I also want to say that this fandom is cool and Sunny you are MAD COOL and I love this place. Thank you so much for making this a place for Hooligans to vent and express their feelings without getting bashed. You and this site provide a valuable service and are very much needed in the fandom, thank you so much! xoxo

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Submission: My thoughts on Bruno right now…

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