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(Submission) Long Post Anon Again

Now, I believe Chanel still loves Bruno, but she isn’t in love with him. Sis just wanted to have her little petty moment. If I was her, I would’ve been spilled that unknown tea out of spite. Like I wasted some good hoes years with your midget ass, and you were out here cheating with loose music industry pussy. And it’s not like he was cheating on da low, he had Rita all in my good sis face and shit. He ain’t shit. I love him and all, but he was, still is, and will always be a WHOLE dumbass for messing up such a good thing with Chanel. Now, he’s stuck with such a stale ass relationship that shows no signs of going anywhere at all. I’m glad that Chanel has moved on with a fine ass man, a baby on the way, and a great life ahead. She truly deserves. Bruno is my baby, but he can choke <3

Source: Where is Bruno Mars right now, Hooligan Hangout

(Submission) Long Post Anon Again

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