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(Submission) How I Feel About Bruno as of Now

Nerd Here: To answer your question Sunny, I really feel that Bruno is the best Male singer in our generation all around, and one of the best and hardworking singers in our generation point blank. I’ve always felt this way, but my opinions on that really solidified when I saw the VMA’s on Sunday. When I was watching the show, I kept thinking to myself “Damn, I wish Bruno was here, he would’ve slayed” quite honestly I was bored during the ceremony for the most part. The only parts that I felt was entertaining during the show was Beyonce. (She killed it), Kanye’s speech (That was hilarious how he called mad people out LOL!) And that “Faded” video, (Talk about body goals and gym motivation!) and last but not least, that Drake speech. (He was so extra and hilarious to me, I thought he was gonna get down on one knee and propose the way he was talking. LOL!) But other than that, I was yawning. And plus the corny hosts with their lame jokes trying to sound exciting really annoyed me. That show just really made me miss Bruno so much. And really highlighted how great of a singer and a performer he really is to me, cuz these other people don’t even come close! Real talk. I know we’ve been waiting for what seems like an eternity for new music from Bruno, but I really feel that when he does drop that 3rd album, it’s gonna be so revolutionary! Being a Hooligan is not always roses and rainbows but I wouldn’t trade this fandom for the world! And to put it bluntly, at the end of the day, when all the smoke has cleared, and the dust has settled, I do love Bruno, with every molecule in my heart, and I love you awesome Hooligans with all my soul, and oh boy this next era in the base is gonna be one Hell of a ride! ┬áLOVE AND HUGS!

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(Submission) How I Feel About Bruno as of Now

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