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(Submission) Bruno is so woke and I love it! :)

Nerd Here: These past few days have been so crazy, as we all know from the recent events that have occurred, and is still going on. Even John just recently tweeted how he was grabbed and arrested for merely walking by a Black Lives Matter protest, he wasn’t even part of it, he’s just an innocent black man walking down the street. He was basically arrested for being black literally. Ridiculous. But I’m glad that he’s O.K. Thank God. Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, those 5 cops who died in Dallas, Deray Mckesson’s unnecessary and unfair arrest, NO ONE deserves to die or be messed with just for being who they are you know? Whether you’re civilian or a cop. Whether you’re Black, White, Asian, Latino, Mixed etc. EVERYBODY deserves respect, and we ALL need to love each other and respect each other more. And this is why we say “Black Lives Matter”, cuz we are pointing out the fact that we matter right along with everyone else, Black history make up a major piece of American history, and we should not be treated like crap simply because we are black. Point blank. And in these troubling times I’m so glad that Bruno has used his platform to speak out on the injustice, not being silent, but fearlessly placing “Black Lives Matter” in big bold letters for the whole world to see. I appreciate that so much cuz I know not many people would do that, (Raven Symone) *cough* (Stacy Dash) *cough* (Quaterrius) *Hard cough* but Bruno did. He stood up for what is right not caring if people disagree with him or not. And that just makes me love him even more for that. Bruno is just preaching facts and just coming through like a true woke soldier! Yes! Black lives DO matter and Bruno understands that and I respect that a lot. It’s things like this is the main reason why I love Bruno so much, he’s such a good man with a heart of gold. He don’t do these things simply for attention, he does these things because he’s real and genuine about it. Thank you so much Bruno, thank you. ❤❤❤💗💗💗💕💕💖💖💓💓

This is so beautiful thank you nerd. We needed this❤❤❤❤
Source: Where is Bruno Mars right now, Hooligan Hangout

(Submission) Bruno is so woke and I love it! :)

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