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(Submission) August 12th

Nerd here: This whole tour bus thing is just really dumb all around. They were dumb for bringing the girls on the bus, without realizing that they were too young. And the girls were dumb to hop onto a grown man’s bus and take shots. Like this some retarded ass shit. Really. Had it been me, I would not have done that. I mean like I get it, they starstruck, it’s Bruno, etc. whatever. But once it gets to a point, where there is drinking involved, that’s where they should’ve said “I can’t do that, I’m not old enough” you know? Like speak up! They acting like they are grown and shit, like what are you doing you know? That would never be me. I know Bruno is not innocent, but at the same time, he’s not a monster that’s gonna prey on young females. Like I don’t think that’s him. I know that’s not him. He wasn’t thinking. Probably didn’t realize that they are young. Bruno I know you are a good man, and don’t mean any harm, but before you do anything, you need to think about the consequences of your actions, so you won’t wind up in this mess ever again. I don’t want to see you fail, none of us want to to see you fail, but it’s up to YOU to make the right decisions in your life, so that you won’t fail. Don’t get caught up, don’t get lost in the sauce. You have to remain vigilant and aware so you won’t get mixed up in unnecessary horseshit. You gotta be smarter next time. Really. None of us knows exactly what happened on the bus. The only person who really knows what happened is Bruno, and whatever mistakes he made then, I really hope he took time to reflect, and check himself so it won’t happen again. I really hope Bruno learns from this and grows from this, and becomes a better person after this. He don’t need this type of bullshit in his life, really he don’t. Anyways that’s my thoughts on August 12. Not that anybody cares. LMAO! Anyways, how you doing Sunny? 🙂  

In good sweetness I’m goodddd chillin watching the Olympics Its littttt. Hope you’re doing well💚💚💚
Source: Where is Bruno Mars right now, Hooligan Hangout

(Submission) August 12th

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