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(Submission) 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

Nerd here: Now y’all already know me. I’m about skeptical as Hell when it comes to these things. And I’m this way because way too many times in my life. I’ve been gullible, and trusting and believing only to be lied to and bamboozled. Plus, I myself have been falsely accused of things that I didn’t even do many times before. So I know what it feels like to be lied on. Plus, I actually caught people in lies when it comes to Bruno. Like some people will say something with Bruno happened. But I already know the truth, because I already have receipts on that certain subject. And when you present receipts to the person lying, they will just quietly run away. I’ve done this many times before. So just know, that just because you said something, doesn’t automatically mean I’m gonna believe you. I always got my guard up. I’ll listen to you, I won’t fight you, but I won’t just believe it that easily with out some backed up proof cuz words mean nothing to me. Because anyone can say anything.

With that being said, I won’t debate the info listed. But I have some questions. Because you said the person works in the music industry, but how would they know so MANY detailed things about Bruno unless they’re following Bruno around with some damn binoculars or some shit? Lol. Because I know for a fact that Bruno has a very tight circle, and he don’t be mingling with other people too tough like that. He’s real private and shit. As we can see he doesn’t walk the red carpet anymore or go to afterparties anymore. He got his family, band members, producer friends, and probably some other people he close with. That’s it. He don’t fuck with a lot of people like that. So that alerted Red flags for me when you said MULTIPLE things. I’m more willing to believe if you said one thing, but MULTIPLE actions on different occasions. Unless this person is actively FOLLOWING Bruno around, how the Hell would they know all these different things? I’m just saying.

With the looking down on people lower than him thing, and bullying people. I’ve never heard of that before ever in my life, in fact, I heard the opposite. I heard on more than one occasion how Bruno was cool and down to Earth and such. Like I remember during the Unorthodox Jukebox era, one of the people who worked in a Hotel, like one of the waiters who delivers food to your suite, something like that. He tweeted how Bruno was really nice and how Bruno gave him a really huge tip. And I heard and saw many examples of this too. And in fact I heard on more than one occasion that Bruno hates the snobby, uppity, rich people tho. So this is what I heard a lot over the years. Not debating what you said, but that’s what I always hear. 🤷🏾‍♀️ I know Bruno has a dark sense of humor and will say some wild shit, but actual bullying? Never heard of that. Just saying. And Bruno acting “Black” around certain people, I don’t know nothing about that, I’ve never heard of that so I can’t say. But like I said before, how would this person know Bruno’s every move is what boggles me. 🤔

The only thing that sounds sorta believable is the heavy flirtation accusation. Because I already know that he’s a flirty type of guy. And maybe the coke thing because he was busted for that once before 8 years ago. But that doesn’t mean he’s still using the stuff, but people can relapse at anytime. So those claims are sort of believable. The only thing from all of this that I will ACTUALLY believe is that he doesn’t tell outside people that he has a girlfriend. Because he really don’t talk about her at all in interviews. He’s extremely vague. He doesn’t show her on his social media accounts. And also because I heard of this story many times before. And where there’s smoke there’s usually a fire. So yes, I believe that one. But only that one though. But that raises another red flag for me though because if this woman you talked to didn’t even know that he has a girlfriend, then that means she ain’t in his circle of friends. Because all his real friends know. And all the people he works with knows. And I’m pretty sure whatever side chick he has knows too. Lmao! Which brings me back to the question of how would this person know all of these other little multiple details about Bruno, like he supposedly sleeps with a lot of women, first of all how would she even know that unless she followed him into the bedroom. Lmao! But doesn’t even know that he has a girlfriend? Something is not adding up. All of these different details sounds like different events happening on different days. Over the course of a long period. So if any of this stuff is true, that means this woman would have to been working extremely close with Bruno, for a good amount of time, and following him damn near everywhere. Hmmmmm. 🤔🤔 There’s holes in this story, and everything is not pulling together for me. I need the glue to this story that makes sense out of all of this. And I don’t see the glue.

I’m not knocking anything, or trying to refute claims. I’ll listen to anything you say, but I’m just expressing how my mind works. I don’t just take things as a whole, I like to inspect things, consider all the possibilities, look deeper, and dissect the entire situation.

Source: Where is Bruno Mars right now, Hooligan Hangout

(Submission) 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

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