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Rewound imagine

Past: You walk straight to the front desk and hand the man the note that was given to you and ask “Do you know anything about this?” He nods his head with a small smile on his face. “Yes of course, a gentlemen came in earlier and instructed me to show you where he was, he said its very important” He hands you the key and closes your hand for you “Room 214 darlin”
You go to the elevator and click the button fast. Before the doors could close, you see someone with a tacky colorful shirt with leather shoes and black pants with a fitted cap run to the door. He takes his spot in the elevator and just stands there. From the corner of your eye you can see him looking at you. You look over fast to catch him looking even longer. “OH MY GOD” you say in your head. “FUCK!!! THATS BRUNO, IM FUCKING STANDING NEXT TO BRUNO MARS OMG” You let out a weird squeal that he must of heard which makes him say the first words, “Hi” he holds out his hand implying a handshake. All you could do is stand there. He drops his hand politely and continues “I understand” he says with a fake crying voice and a smirk on his face. You let out a cute little laugh. “No…No its nothing like that…Im sorry, hi im…” Before you let out the rest of the sentence he finishes for you “You’re (your name)… Yea he’s been talking about you all night” He says moving closer to you and softening his voice. “But see…” He hands you the key to his room “I’ve been doing the same” He kisses you on your cheek. The elevator dings signaling this was his floor. “Hopefully… Just hopefully” He says walking out of the elevator and deepening his voice “You’ll choose the RIGHT room to go to” The elevator door closes.

BRUNO ROUTE CONTINUATION: Soon as the doors shut you take deep breaths. You were seriously overwhelmed yet curious. You’ve given up on searching for your secret admirer. Seeing Bruno changed your whole mood. Now you’re determined to see him once more. Now knowing that he spotted you out of hundreds of people, you felt special. There was in fact something special about you that caught his eye. You wish he would have mentioned it in the small elevator convo. Hanging around waiting for him wasn’t gonna do anything. So why not take a chance? Go to his room. Take up his offer… You rush to the elevator once again. You start pushing the button frantically for the door to open. Finally, it opens. You click the button once again and the door shuts. Finally you’re on his floor. Every number on each door reaches closer and closer to room “690” and your heart beats faster and faster. “FINALLY!!” you say with a squeal, here it is. “Here’s his room!” There’s something odd about it though, its half way open, hes not in there and the setting inside is in the form of a music video shoot…

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Rewound imagine

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