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Rewound imagine CONTINUED/ENDING

You walk further into his room, its bigger than usual… All dressed up and professional. “Bruno?” you call out. “Brunooo!” Finally, he appears in the dining area part as if he literally came out of nowhere. He walks over to you with the sweetest look and softest smile. He looked so laid back and happy when he saw your face. It was as if all his worries went away. “Im happy you made the right choice” he says kissing you on the lips. He comes closer to you and hugs you tight squishing his noticeable boner through his silk pajama short set against your hip. “Sit down baby” he says lighting a cigarette.  He made smoking look so good for some reason. You sit on the bed observing your prop surroundings. You cant hold back the set up of the room. It looked so Hollywood. “So, Bruno… Why did you want me to come up here with you” you say jumbled. “Well see…” he says licking his lips. “Artist pay so much attention to the inspiration to make the music but they never look for that inspiration to make the most important part… The visuals… THE VIDEO” If you weren’t confused before, you definitely are now. Like what the hell is he talking about? What inspiration? Why you? Bruno stands up from the bed and moves closer to you. “I need an inspirational night for my upcoming video for Versace on the floor and i thought you’d be the perfect girl to inspire me” he says opening your legs slowly and standing in front of you “Inspire me baby” Bruno grabs your hand and places it on his stomach. Trailing it from his belly button down to his penis then to his thigh. Your chest starts to get hot and your hands sweaty. Bruno starts to unbutton his silk pajama shirt letting it drop to the floor while whispering “One thing you need to know about me baby” he says pulling one arm after the other out of his top “I like getting to the point” You start to feel your legs tremble with excitement and determination. Bruno puts one hand on your chest and one on your back and lays you down slowly on the bed then follows with climbing on top of you. He pulls your pants down aggressively. Rips your panties off and pulls your legs apart fast. Pulls you closer to him, licks his fingers and starts lazily searching for your hole purposely grazing over your clit while doing it. He moves in closer while leaving a mix of kisses and sucks down your neck to your shoulders. “You like that (your name)” he says smiling at you. He finally takes out his big swollen head and inserts it inside you. You let out a small sound which satisfies him greatly. He pushes deeper inside of you. So deep that you can feel his stomach on yours. Theres no gaps in between you two. He makes out a small “fuckkk” with every thrust he puts in you. His sweat increases and so does your heartbeat. He purposely starts to slow down and pull out some to make the moment last longer because he feels a climax coming. You put both hands on his back and pull him closer while wrapping your legs around his waist. He likes that even more. It seems as though he likes to be cocky during sex. He comes closer to your ear and whispers “Yessss (your name) daddy fucking loves that, fuckin take whats yours baby” The thrusts keep getting faster and faster and deeper and deeper letting you know hes almost over. Finally to the last thrust you have arrived at. He falls down on top of you and starts licking your lips and licking your neck and chest and kissing you deeply all over again. It was the best feeling ever and you never wanted it to end. You both lay there breathless and extremely satisfied. Bruno turns over and lights another cigarette and says “I don’t know who inspired me more… You or your friend”

Source: Where is Bruno Mars right now, Hooligan Hangout

Rewound imagine CONTINUED/ENDING

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