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Review on the Bruno Mars Seren Sensei video.

In a view of making sense, this girl makes ALOT. All she did was dig into what Bruno’s race was and clearing up alot of things people are confused about. She stated how alot of people are confused as to what race he is and just judge him as being fully black because of how he looks and stuff. She also said a bunch of other accurate stuff. If you really listen to what she’s saying it makes sense. I think people just heard"Why i hate Bruno Mars" and them being a fan, they just automatically hated the video and her. But if you really watch the video and see what she’s saying, there’s some points in there. It was actually getting so interesting to me that i was mad i had to stop the video at 10 minutes. I have to finish watching it now but i just wanted to say what i thought about it.

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Review on the Bruno Mars Seren Sensei video.

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