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New Interview (Part 1)Bruno Mars: «French audience is here to…

New Interview (Part 1)

Bruno Mars: «French audience is here to party and dance»

Bruno Mars keeps achieving great success with his album «24K Magic» and the Tour that comes with it.

During an interview for NRJ, the singer talked about his will to make the crowd move with his songs.

Listen to his interview!

With « 24 K Magic », Bruno Mars only has 1 purpose: make his audience dance. A will to «set fire» visible during his Tour.

Between fireworks, lighting effects and incredible musical atmosphere, «24K Magic World Tour» is an authentic ode to celebration. An essential purpose for Bruno Mars who chose with caution the songs for his album.

«For my new album, just because I liked the music. I wanted to have a blast in the studio. I was coming in, and I was like “today let’s try reggae or this ballad I’m working on,” like “Treasure” or “Locked Out Of Heaven.” But for “24K Magic,” I really tried to transpose one emotion. When you listen to the album, you know exactly what you’re about to experience.”

Bruno Mars finds his inspiration in the 90s

Represented by emblematic songs like  «24K Magic» or «That’s What I Like,» Bruno Mars found a lot of inspiration in the 80s and the 90s to write his album. An inspiration that we can feel though the rhythms and sounds of his songs.

«With this album I had this fantasy… press play and make the whole World dance. I listened to a lot of R’n’B music from the 80s and the 90s and it made me wanna go to the dance floor and smile. It was some kind of vision. I saw men flirting with women on the dance floor. It was the best party of all times and that’s what I wanna make people feel through my music.»


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New Interview (Part 1)Bruno Mars: «French audience is here to…

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