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Kam Imagine (part 5/ENDING)

You couldn’t believe it. Who knew he was gonna go for your bra? Now you sit there feeling weird with Kam just staring you down. Finally to break the silence he starts back up “So i guess he just couldn’t share huh?” You sit there confused as to what he means by “share” You stand up and look at him in his eyes with a madness in you now “What the hell do you mean SHARE?” He sits back on the bed drinking out of the champagne bottle then saying “Bruno’s already in there fucking your friend, and now he wants you to come see him knowing damn well i wanted you first” Your whole body freezes with this new information that was just exposed. “Wait, how the hell.. What the fuck… I DONT GET THIS… How did she even find Bruno after the show that fast?” you say baffled. “She didn’t find him, he found her..  Well he claims he found you too after i said it first” Kam says finishing his drink.

“She’s the one who told me your size in everything and your name. She knew how much it meant to you to see me and she knew how determined i was to find you” You smile a little as you walk into the bathroom to get dressed. He screams from the bed to you “This is our last night here and i really wanted to feel something special…” You walk out of the bathroom to see a video tape in his hand. He grabs you by the waist and kisses you on your cheek. “Here’s our memorizes, its not much… But i feel like its enough to remember” he hands you the tape. You get one last kiss and you’re on your way to find your friend. While searching through all the hallways you see her all drunk and stumbling through the hallway. “(Your name)” she says loudly trying to stand up regularly. “lm sorry for leaving you, i just hope IT was all worth it and a night to remember” she says smiling. You look down at the tape im your hand with a chuckle “Yup, there’s always room for new memories i guess”

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Kam Imagine (part 5/ENDING)

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