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Kam Imagine (part 4)

DING! The elevator bell rings once more to inform you this was your floor. You look down at the hotel room key confused and undetermined. Theres a little bench in the hallways of the hotel. You sit there, trying to put your mind together. Now you got 3 different things to worry about… Your friend vanishing, Your secret admirer and now fucking Bruno Mars has it out for your ass LITERALLY.

This night is way too much. And knowing you aren’t use to this, you’re a mess! Something tells you to live in the moment but something else tells you to just go back to the run down hotel room you shared with your best friend and wait for her to come back. That adventurous mind of yours took over. You take a deep breath and like a dog, you start searching for room 214.

You start to whisper to yourself as you pass by every door “209…212… 214” you stop in front of the tall brown door and take your deep breaths before you knock *KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK* No answer… *KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK* you hear a almost disguised but familiar voice scream “Who is it” to the door from the other side. You answer with a small “Its umm… (Your name). The door opens slowly and someone peeks through a crack in the door. The man opens the door wider and its revealed to you that its Phil, Bruno’s Best friend.

Source: Where is Bruno Mars right now, Hooligan Hangout

Kam Imagine (part 4)

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