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I Know What You Did In Vegas: THE ENDING (Sorry for it being so damn long literally)

*Bruno’s phone rings*

Bruno picks up phone: Hello

Personal event organizer: Hey, Brunooo! What the fuck is uppp man! You having a good time at your little vacation

Bruno smiles: Yea man, of course. Whats up! Haven’t heard from you in a while…

Personal event organizer: Well see, i hate to break up you guys fun butttt believe it or not, you need to squeeze in slime tour advertising. You guys have a sort of… Well you can call it “press conference” but theres only gonna be your biggest fans there. They ask you questions, you answer them then get the fuck out. Sound good?

Bruno: Um, yea. This is kind of unexpected but ill reach the guys and let them know. When will it be?

Personal event organizer: Tonight at 8:30 at The Old Organ House.

Bruno: Alright. See you there man. *hangs up*

Bruno’s text to everyone: Hey guys, look, i know this is out of nowhere but i just got told we need to do some promoting. We have some kind of press conference shit to do tonight. Im gonna need you guys to all be there. Its at The Old Organ House at 8:30. Dont be late.

*Times goes by and 8:30 comes*

*Bruno sits outside of the building waiting for the others to come*

*People start pouring into the building*

*Phred and Jam show up first*

Phred to Jam and Bruno: Whats up! Yall ready for this? *rubbing hands together readily*

Jam: Yea

Bruno: Yup

Jam: We might as well go in and wait for the rest to come

*they all walk in and take their seats in front of a microphone provided for them at the long table*

*everyone in the room starts cheering soon as they sit down*

*the men say their thank yous to everyone*

*The rest of the band comes in and takes their seats*

Man with microphone: Okay everyone quiet down, i can feeeeel the excitement in the room. This is the moment you all have been waiting for…

*Camera lights flicker constantly on the whole band*

Man with the microphone: Lets get the questions goinggg. No holding back. Letsssss start! I introduce to you all… Bruno Mars, Phredley Brown, Jamareo Artis, Philip Lawrence, Dwayne Dugger, Kameron Whalum, John Fossit
And James King. Hereeee we go gentlemen. Lets begin.

Bruno whispers to Phred: Where the FUCK is Eric! I specifically told everyone to be here ON TIME

Phred: I dont know man, i haven’t seen him since we parted ways when we got off the plane

*John looks at Phred and smiles*

*Fan stands up*

Fan: Hi guysss. Omg this is really happening* fans eyes* okay. Sorry for the tears

Bruno: *smiles* Its okay baby, keep going

Fan: okay okay, This ones for Bruno…*clears throat* On a scale of 1-10, rate the upcoming tour

Bruno: Damn, ill have to say 13

*crowd laughs*

Bruno: At least thats what i think *looks at band* what do yall think?

James: In my opinion, it all depends on who’s shining this tour you know? Like it all depends on taking turns. Nobody likes a hog. Especially when the talent is dimmed down. I think you guys will enjoy the tour. Its guaranteed the front man will be changed

Bruno looks at James: *scratches head* What do you mean by that…

*Phil looks at James implying to stop talking*

James: I mean like i just think that we need to push the real talent to the front. I mean… How far can one get on their looks when the vocals can be compared to less than rat shit


*Fan stands up*

*Bruno side eyes James*

Fan: Hi boys

Band: Hi

Fan: Okay, i have a question for Duggy…

Duggy: hit me with it!

Fan: Okay, so i dont know howww true this is but my cousin called me one night and said she saw you around the street at night time. She said she saw you getting in multiple random cars. I just wanted to know, what were you doing and also what do i have to do to get you in my car *laughs*

*whole audience laughs*

Duggy’s smile drops: No, no i don’t know how true that could be. I mean like maybe your cousin was just tripping or something… Trying to get you all hype *fake laughs* but no sweetie. Im sorry. I wish i could say it was me. But no… *nervously screams* NEXT QUESTION

Man with the microphone: Oh, looks like we’ve got a hand up over here all the way in the back *walks to the back* Finds fan, okay how are you ma’am. Come step up to the microphone… Stand so they can see you…

*Storne stands up and straightens her shirt*

Storne: Hey guys

*Phred and John look in shock*

Storne: This one is for Phred, What was going through your mind when you tried to dispose of me?

*whole audience looks at Storne*

Storne: Me, i was taken to a motel room with him and some other guy, was looked at as a piece of meat. Then when i didn’t want to have sex with the two men… This one right here *points at Phred* knocked me unconscious with a telephone

*audience gasps*

Storne: I wake up in a dumpster in the dark. And walked home. I was too terrified to call the cops. I thought they’d come back for me… I stopped breathing for a minute when this all happened but as soon as i snapped out of it… I thank GOD that im here today to tell the story

*audience claps and begins to boo Phred*

Phred is shaking in his seat. Shaking so hard that the whole table is moving. The whole band sits there in shock just looking at him in disgust

Bruno: My god, *looks at audience* i dont know what to say, im… Im speechless. I promise everyone watching at home that i didn’t know ANYTHING about this and if i did, i promise you this man would have been fired in SECONDS

*Angie rises from a seat in the back*

Angie: You fuckin hypocrite. You’re gonna really sit here and act like you haven’t done anything in you’re life as fucked up…

*Jam looks into crowd*

Jam whispers: ANGIE?

Angie: Bruno, im pregnant. And the baby’s yours.

*Jam stands up and runs toward Bruno*

Jam chocking Bruno: How could you you stupid bitch!!!

Bruno: *gasping for air*

Kam: *stands up and grabs Jam* CHILL MAN CHILL

Bruno: Really? You just gonna come at me like that pussy? *takes off jacket*

*Camera men move closer to the table*

*Kam sits Bruno down*

Kam: THATS ENOUGH, yall cut the shit!

Phil screams out: I think we should stop the conference now. Please just give us some time to calm down

Man with the microphone: I think this is quite juicy actually. Plus the show must go on…

James: You always gotta stick up for him huh Phil? How much longer are you gonna ride that mans dick? Thats why your dream of taking over will never come true, you’re too invested in being his little pussy ass sidekick

Bruno: What is he talking about Phil?

James: Tell him Phil, tell him how you really feel about him being in the spotlight. Tell him all the stuff you told me, about how you can sing better than himmmm and how you were always meant to be the front man…

Bruno: Really Phil… You really think that huh?

Phil: Yea… I do.

Bruno: Fuck you man, you’ll never be any better than i am. You’re basically a nobody. They all come to see me. You mean nothing…

Phil: What would your bitch ass do without me? *Pushes microphone over* Well now you’ll learn today, I QUIT.

Angie continues: I dont know why Bruno is playing dumb like he didn’t know it was his. We always fucked around..

*Kam hold Jam back still*

Angie continues: He used to always take me down to his little sex club he has here. He begs us to not use his real name to cover his ass. We have to call him “Master Bronze”

Kam: Wait… BRONZE???

*Kam jumps up and starts towards Bruno, he gets a hold of his jacket and starts punching him, Jam now follows with grabbing the microphone and hitting Bruno with it on the head with it*

*James sits back laughing*

*John and Duggy grabs Kam and Jam*

Phil: John, dont help him

John: What man *continues breaking them off of Bruno*

Phil: He’s replacing you the day before we leave

John: You lying, who would he replace me WITH???

Bruno: I called up Kenji the other night and let him know theres a opportunity to re-join the band

John: What the fuck… Why?

Bruno: You weren’t holding up your end.

*Phred still sitting there stunned*

Kam: *plops down* Fuck this, fuck all of this shit *throws microphone on the ground* Im done

Jam: … Yall just gonna forget that Phred attempted to kill someone

*John sits down*

John: Shut up man… How u even know if she’s just bullshitting

Kam: Who would like about some shit like that, shes obviously telling the truth

John: What proof does she have?

James: Where’s Eric?

Storne: I swear he did it! Him and some other guy

Phred: If you were so called knocked “unconscious” how the fuck do you remember all this?

Storne:… I… I dont know actually

John(gives her a look): Falsely accusing someone of something can indeed be a crime, you know that right storne…

Storne: … I mean like… I dont know who it was EXACTLY i guess

Phred: I hate to jump in… But i think i saw Eric the night before coming out of a motel room *looks at Storne, pulls a small knife out of his pocket and shows it under the table where only she can see it*

Bruno: WHAT?

*Phred puts knife away*

Phred: Yea, i swear it was him. He was dragging something to the back of the motel. I didn’t pay any attention to it though, thought it was just trash..

Storne: Yea… *looks at Phred in fear* i guess that was the one

Phred: Its okay. We all get confused sometimes

Bruno: Eric would never do anything like that

Phred looks at Bruno: Never say never, maybe he was so scared to come here today that he went home or something. I couldn’t find him at all today.

Man holding the microphone: Well thats all the time we have today…

Bruno: WAIT… Is this going to be on t.v

Man holding the microphone: Yes, definitely.

Bruno: It cant be… It fuckin cant be. How much money do you need for that tape? ill give you anything

*All men at the table adding in how much they’ll be willing to pay for the tape*

Man with the microphone: Im sorry boys but this is my job, whether everything you all said is true or not, i got to turn this in to the boss. You know how many ratings we’d get?

Jam: Go to rule #7 in Brother code…

Kam: What happens here stays between us only…

James: And if a soul besides us finds out..

Bruno: That soul wont live to tell…

*Jam and Phil pull out guns*
*Starts to shoot at everyone in the audience*

*everyone’s screaming and running*

*Phred runs over and locks the exit door*

*The rest of the band pulls out guns from their waistband and starts shooting at everyone in the crowd including the man with the microphone*

*eventually everyone is shot up and dead*

*Bruno walks over to every camera and destroys it with bottom of gun*

*John’s phone rings*
*answers phone*


*John hangs up*

John yells out: Yall come , Erics outside

*Jam continues to shoot*

James: COME ON!!!

*Everybody runs outside to van parked in the front*

*Everyone jumps in*

*Eric start to drive quickly*

Eric: Always gotta make me the one with the escape van!

Kam: Admit it , nobody drives faster than you

Eric: There always needa to be someone SMART left behind to save your asses. Im telling yall, we cant cover up from the world any longer… They’re gonna catch on eventually

Bruno dialing number: Would you shut the fuck up and drive

*holds phone up to ear*

Bruno: Yea, Yani… We need another clean up girl. The Old Organ, yea, its pretty messy.

Yani from the other side of the phone: You got it big daddy

Bruno: Like always, no evidence. Clean from the bottom to the top.

Yani: Got you!

*Bruno kisses phone and hangs up*

Phil checking phone: We have exactly 13 minutes until the next plane leaves… Eric you gotta get us man

Kam: Yea, we always leave fast after a “clean up”

Eric: ill make it there. Just shut up and sit back

*minutes later all the men are at the airport*

*Everybody boards plane and a seat*

John: You know what the best part about our trips are…

Phil: WHAT?

John: No matter what the bullshit it is that we go through, we always come back together as if we didn’t hate eachother EVER.

Bruno interrupts: You’re still fired

Phil: I still quit

Jam: Im still gonna kill

Kam: Me too

*The rest of the band busts out in laughter*

Phred: If i wasn’t benefiting from you all, id kill all you

*Everyone gets quiet*

Phred:… A JOKE

Everyone: …

Bruno: Welp, im just glad thats over.

*Hoursss pass… the plane has just arrived back*

Bruno looks at each of the band members: Brother code guys… Brother code forever. ill see yall …

*Everyone goes their separate ways*

*Night-time falls and everyone is at home*

*At the same time everyone’s phone notification goes off loudly*

*The screen says “One new message”*

On each phone the text says:



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I Know What You Did In Vegas: THE ENDING (Sorry for it being so damn long literally)

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