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I Know What You Did In Vegas: Phred's point of view (Part 5)

Her body was so damn heavy. And it didn’t help that Eric’s bitch ass was barley grabbing the hoe’s head. I’ve carried many bodies to that dumpster and this was the hardest to get there. I’ve done this many times before. Why the fuck do you think i brought her to this SPECIFIC motel with “silence” and “privacy”. Truth is, nobody else are in these rooms. Its a empty motel 24/7. I was always scared of getting caught with a younger girl. So everytime im about to fuck one ill bring them up here to this motel. My cousin is the only worker here and he knows what i do. He always gives me the rooms free and sometimes helps me dispose of the bodies but now he’s probably locked up the place and is sleeping. I got to kill em man, if i let just ONE of these immature ass girls away after sex they might ruin me. Just like how this one tried to.

*Phred and Eric continue to carry Storne’s body to the dumpster*

Phred: Okay man, on three were gonna swing her in there alright?

Eric shaking: … Oh… O… Okay okay

Phred: Come the fuck on man… Get your shit together… One… Two… THREE

*Eric and Phred successfully throw her body in the dumpster*

Phred: Okay, were all good here *walks away*

Eric: What the hell! No were not. You just killed someone and i was a witness and didn’t do anything so im 10 times worst than you

Phred: Why you always gotta go full bitch on me?

Eric: This isn’t right man, we gotta go tell somebody

Phred pulls Eric to the side and puts a knife to his neck: I fuckin dare you… DO IT! Go ahead. You’ll end up like this bitch here, i GUARANTEE that! I can’t even believe you would try to attempt to break the brother code. I always knew deep down that you were snake as fuck. If i tell Bruno about those words even coming out of your mouth… He’d kick you out of the group IMMEDIATELY. And im not just bullshitting you… I heard he’s got it out for John soon because of that whole plane argument. And like always, when were here… You GET or GET GOTTEN.

Eric nervously: Alright man, i was just fuckin around with you. I wont tell anything. You really think if be THAT dumb?

Phred takes knife off of Eric’s neck: I sure hope not

*Phred walks away into the street lights*

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I Know What You Did In Vegas: Phred's point of view (Part 5)

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