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I Know What You Did In Vegas: Phil's point of view (Part 8)

*cuts to studio*
*Phil singing amazingly graceful*

James(Jimmy): *walks into studio slow clapping* yes… Amazing. Just amazing. I swear Phil. Everytime we come here i think you get better and fuckin better *smiles and leans on piano*

Phil: Thanks man. I give all my thanks to you honestly. You motivated me the whole way.

James(Jimmy): Oh, no problem man. I mean like deep down inside, we all knew you were meant to be the front man. What does Bruno have that you dont huh?

Phil: … The spotlight

James(Jimmy): Like i said before… You could always easily take that from him. Its ALWAYSS been your dream to be in the front. To be the leader *takes sip of drink* HELL, you helped write just about every song and tell me, just tell me… How much longer are you gonna let that little fuck keep you as the backup hype man when OBVIOUSLY you’re better than him?

Phil whispers: I know. But how are we gonna take his spotlight away? He’s built his name up for so many years. So many people love him…

James(John): *snickers* Oh Phil, lets play a guessing game, What can end a man completelyyyyyyy?

Phil: Death

James(Jimmy): Now sir… NOW you’re talking my language *sits on piano bench and lights a cigarette*

Source: Where is Bruno Mars right now, Hooligan Hangout

I Know What You Did In Vegas: Phil's point of view (Part 8)

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