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I Know What You Did In Vegas: Kam's point of view (Part 6)

*Somewhere in the nice neighborhoods of Vegas*

*Kam walks through the front door*

Kids: DADDY!!!!

Kam: Hey yall *Puts down bag* i missed you so much.  *picks up youngest baby and kisses it*

Indigo from the kitchen: Kam?! *runs into the front door entrance with tears* Oh god, you didn’t tell me you were coming. *kisses Kam on the lips* We missed you so much!

Oldest child: Dad, where were you?

Middle child: Daddy, why do you always have to leave us?

Indigo: Daddy’s a very busy guy. You all have to understand *hugs all kids* Daddy has to work all the time for us to have the nice things we do. Understand?

All kids sadly: YES

Kam: Well, now that im here we might as well have some fun! Who wants to go catch a movie?

All kids at once: ME ME MEEEE!

Kam: Alright… Yall go upstairs and get dressed. ill be waiting down here with mommy

*Kids all run upstairs*

*Indigo looks at Kam disgusted*

Indigo: Why do you always have to do this to us? Do you know how bad this hurts the kids? Coming and leaving all the fucking time

Kam cuts off Indigo: Im trying my fuckin best OKAY! You really think im the one ruining this family huh? I do EVERYTHING for you! When im back at home i send you money EVERY FUCKIN WEEK! And lets not even bring up you leaving my fuckin kids in the middle of the night while they’re sleeping to go to that damn sex club. I guess someone there can give you something better than i can huh?

Indigo: You know what… YEA you’re right! He can give me something better in that club. He makes me feel alot better than you ever did.

Kam: Well you can just fuckin go with him then. How about that… Who the fuck is this guy anyway? ill go down there my damn self and see whats really up. I cant believe my fucking wife would do this shit to me

Indigo: You dont know who he is… There isn’t any use of going. Just let me live my life

Kam: If you dont tell me his name i swear on everything ill take my kids away from you

Indigo: You wouldn’t

Kam: Try me bitch

Indigo: His name is bronze okay

Kam: Thats a dumb ass name. Did you just make that up…

Indigo: No, i swear! They call him that

Kam: Well whats his real name then


Kam: You better not be fucking me right now *walks out of front door*

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I Know What You Did In Vegas: Kam's point of view (Part 6)

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