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I Know What You Did In Vegas: John's point of view (Part 10)

Meets Phred at the hotel lobby*

John: What the fuck Phred. Not again man. I thought we were gonna stop this shit?

Phred: I knew i should have just did it with you. It would have been so much more easier to deal with.

John: I told you Eric would bitch out about the whole situation. You could have called me but you just couldn’t wait.

Phred: Man i was ready and she was ready ya know. I mean like what do you expect from me huh? The bitch was about to fuck us over. She said she was gonna end our carers and everything. I didn’t need that right now

John: Okay whatever man. All im saying is that we can’t trust Eric completely man… He’s a first timer at that and by the way you were telling me, he was acting super suspicious. We need to make sure he’s completely silent about this.

Phred: How are we gonna keep him quiet though

John: hold this above his head and make him do what you want. With all the experience we’ve had, you already know we can make someone else look like they did it instead of us.

Phred: Right right… Blackmail

John: Yea that could work…

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I Know What You Did In Vegas: John's point of view (Part 10)

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