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I Know What You Did In Vegas: Eric's point of view (Part 4)

Me and Phred always had the same fantasy, to have sex with a virgin. Someone brand new and pure. Nobody is really like that anymore here but we were lucky to find her. Phred’s the only one i felt comfortable with about this situation. The last thing on my mind was a threesome with a girl that still has “teen” in her age. She gave me a fake name soon as i met her. I knew it was fake because when me and Phred asked her she said people call her “Storne”

*Storne comes out of the bathroom*

*Eric stands up*

Eric: Hey baby, he said he’ll be here soon

Storne: Okay *kisses Eric on the cheek* i cant wait. I always wanted to lose it to a older man who has experience.

Eric: *grabs Storne by the waist* you wont regret it baby

*Phred walks through the hotel doors*

Eric: There he is!

Phred adjusts jacket: YUP! *laughs*
Mmmm Storne you look beautiful.

Storne: thanks baby

Eric: Well, lets not waste time, lets go up to a room

Phred: Umm no, no, no. I was ACTUALLY thinking we could go somewhere more… Quiet and secretive

*Both Eric and Storne look at Phred*

Phred: Trust me, it WILL be more comfortable

Storne: .. okay

Phred: i know a good place to go. Ill show yall. Its about a couple blocks down

*Phred, Storne and Eric catch a cab to the motel a couple block away*

*Opens door to Motel*

Phred: Welp, here we are…

*Storne looks around*

Storne: Its no hotel but, it will do

*Storne starts to take off her pants*

*Eric sits next to her and starts to feel up her shirt and starts kissing on her neck*

Storne: That feels so good baby

*Phred starts to take her pants completely off and starts to insert himself in her*

Storne: WAIT, You both really thought i was gonna do this without any pay? *pulls pants up* i know you two fucks have money… And lots of it. *pulls shirt up* theres one thing you need to know about me… I dont fuck for free so PAY UP!

Eric nervously checks pockets: Look, im sorry, i dont have any money on me right now.

Storne: Are you fucking kidding me? You know what i think… I think you two didn’t bring any money on purpose. You think im some kind of free pussy or something?

Phred: No… Its just we dont have…

Storne: You two are gonna stop fucking with me, you know what. You dont give me my money right now and ill go to the police and tell them you two were up here trying to attack me

Eric: Dont do that please… We’ll pay you later okay. You can just leave now. We can just part ways

Storne: Oh, you’d like that huh? For me to leave and you never find me again to give me my money? I could go to the cops right now and ruin your whole reputations… As a matter of fact, i think i will

*Storne walks towards the door*

*Phred picks up the motel telephone with both hands and starts bashing Storne in the back of the head with it over and over and over again until she stops breathing*


Phred: You heard her man… She said she was gonna turn us in and ruin our reputations

Eric frantically: She probably was just bullshitting man…

Phred: Calm down and help me pick up her body. I can tell this is your first time being in this situation, you’re acting like a little bitch man. COME ON, you grab her head… Ill grab her legs. And we’ll throw her in the dumpster in the back.

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I Know What You Did In Vegas: Eric's point of view (Part 4)

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