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I Know What You Did In Vegas: Bruno's point of view (Part 2)

Soon as the guys walked away i felt so free. I was finally where i felt i belonged. Vegas was my escape from everything but also my curse. For now i was gonna focus on the fun shit. Soon as i come here i knew what to do. Party and fuck. Thats all im down for. There’s my party tonight at this underground club. I always go there. Im so familiar to everyone down there that they think i created it. Well actually… I did. They all understand my addiction. I cant get enough affection. They understand me there. Even though i never talk about this club to the guys i was always curious about that fuckin John, he looks like he’d rat me out. And eventually have shit go back to everyone at home. ill have to keep my eye on him this trip.  The more and more we do our two week “Cleanse trip” to Vegas the more my trust goes away with these guys. I always trust my gut feeling and my gut is about to fucking explode.  I catch a cab to the lower darker part of the light and entertainment filled place. I tell the driver to drive off fast soon as we pull up to the club and he lets me out. I start towards the downward ramp to a big black door that belongs to the club. I knock the way the tell me to knock everytime. 4 knocks… Wait 2 minutes then knock twice more. I do as i was always told in order to get the door open. A woman in a blue leather two piece with the nipples and ass area cut out opened the door. “Master Bronze” she cries out. “Its been a while.” she grabs me by the hand and pulls me in. Theres a huge bed in the middle of the floor. Theres about 20 women on it fucking eachother. Soon as they see me they get off eachother and sit up. “I’ve missed you all so fucking much, have you missed my cock” i say walking to the bed and caressing each woman’s face. She pulls away from me and says “How dare you leave your girls, You dont know how much we love you Bronze” I aggressively turn her over on her stomach, take my belt off and start to spank her with it. All the girls line up on the wall and watch. Some touch themselves while watching, some look worried. After im done spanking her. Her ass is all red and her panties are soaked. You might be wondering why everything is like this. Im a sex addict and deeply into being dominant during sex. I get a thrill of being with multiple women at once. Im everything a regular woman would hate. If my family, friends and fans found out about my “club” here in Vegas id never be looked at the same. Id never be respected. All these beautiful women here are all up for what i can give them. They all were treated like delicate flowers their whole life. They always wanted thrills that other men couldn’t give them. One day on some Vegas trips back i needed something to help me satisfy my dominant needs and sex addiction so i gathered up all the women ive had sex with on these trips together and gave them more of what they’ve been missing. Now we’re all satisfied together. Some of them are married and some of them are single but the married bunch outweighs the single. Believe it or not, married pussy is the best. It gives me that rush. After hours of sex with them all at once im completely worn out. In between sex id do about 9 lines and down half a bottle of hard alcohol. The drugs always made me better in bed. Even made me more aggressive which they were in love with. After i tell all my women goodbye. I kiss them all one by one and they all leave one by one out of the building to not make it obvious. I always leave first and have my last woman lock up the place. Now its time to check into a hotel. Im tired as fuck. As i walk out into the street i see Jam walking towards one of my girls named Angie. He didn’t see me but i saw him. He takes her by the hand aggressively and asks her “Where the fuck have you been?, I was looking all over for you.” She kisses him on the cheek and grasps his hand “Just out shopping for the baby sweetheart, thats all” Jam starts walking faster “Well lets get you in the house, its dangerous out here” i continue walking while calling my cab…

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I Know What You Did In Vegas: Bruno's point of view (Part 2)

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