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Hooligans remember June 1st

Today was such a sad day for Hooligans. I remember praying so hard that she’d make it out okay and I remember crying so hard when she didnt. I was beyond hurt and I couldn’t stop thinking about Bruno and how he may have felt at the moment, We all know what we go through when a loved one passes and I just wasn’t prepared to see Bruno how I once was. We were all strong for him. We had to hold up our king in such a devastating time. I know that things like this take time to pass but I’m more than happy to see that he had progressed emotionally through it. Once again I’m so sorry Bruno. He knows that she watches over him every day Rip Beautiful 💔😍😊💕

Please take time out of your day to appreciate your mother, tell her you love her a million times and also please take a minute to send Bruno NOTHING BUT love and sending him support today. I’m sure he will deeply appreciate it.

💙Love, Sunny & TheHHS💙


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Hooligans remember June 1st

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