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Donatella Versace on Bruno Mars' Super Bowl 50 Look: 'We Had to Work Fast'

Bruno Mars has worn Versace to the White House and to the MTV VMAs, and on Sunday, he and his crew performed in custom looks designed by the luxury Italian house on the world’s biggest stage, Super Bowl 50. Today (Feb. 11) he sent white roses to Donatella Versace
thanking her for the baseball-jersey inspired ensemble she designed,
which showcased Versace signature golden touches: Medusa gold buttons
and gold Greek key trim (he completed the looks with gold swoosh Nike
Cortez sneakers and gold chains).

Congrats on your first Super Bowl look! What has this experience meant to you?
has been such an honor to be involved with such an iconic global
sporting event. Truly, the eyes of the world are watching this
never-to-be-repeated event. Everything has to be perfect on the night,
and it was thrilling to be given the challenge.

What did it mean to you being able to design this look for Bruno?

you’re making a look that will be seen by millions all over the world,
you need a message that’s bold and strong. As with many things in
fashion, we had to work fast, but it was so much fun to create.

What’s your history with Bruno?
fell in love with Bruno when I saw him perform at the Met Gala [in
2012]. He is like an explosion on the stage, so energetic and so totally
natural. Bruno is everything that I love – a genius whose talent is
innate, so strong that he can’t keep it in. It’s like he has to perform,
and it is a pleasure for me to see him do so in Versace.

What’s your favorite Versace look that he’s worn?  
well as his Super Bowl look, I think my favorite was the silk shirt he
wore to the most recent VMAs, where he won for Uptown Funk. He looked so
effortless, so cool, like a total winner.

How was designing the Super Bowl look different than designing something for the red carpet or an awards show?
we create outfits for performers on stage, we always think about how
they are going to move, what the pieces should do for them. We talked
with Bruno about the look he wanted to achieve, and also what the
performance would be like. As with every performer, it’s about helping
them to be their best and be a true star.

Did you watch the show?
course! We had a Super Bowl party in Milan to celebrate. I can’t say
that I understood many of the rules because I’m Italian – soccer is
more my game. But however much I love soccer, we don’t get to see Bruno
Mars play at halftime, so maybe American football has its advantages.

Source: Billboard

Source: Bruno News

Donatella Versace on Bruno Mars' Super Bowl 50 Look: 'We Had to Work Fast'

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