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Day 10 (December 20th): Make your Bruno Mars Appreciation post

Okay where do I start? So far it’s been 5 years of me being a Hooligan. 2010 up to now and its been the best times ever. You’re such an inspiration to me and to others. You seem like the sweetest most loving person ever and your beauty doesn’t just stay on your face, it expands to your work and what you stand for. You’re my idol and ill always be supporting you and loving you and understanding you. Even though it seems like I’ve feel off the “Bruno Mars Train” a little and have paid more attention to the other people I Stan for doesn’t mean that I forgot all the things your wonderful music and face has done for me in the hard times in my life. You’re appreciated and always will be I love you I love you I love you! From the bottom of my heart. I’m glad to be a fan of one of the greatest artists out there. It’s rare to still find good ass dedicated artists like you in this crappy ass music industry. You’re awesome and keep being awesome! Keep doing you and try to release all the toxins out of your life so you can live happier and healthier.

Love, Sunny ❤💋😘🙌👏😭😭😭😭😭
Source: Hooligan Hangout

Day 10 (December 20th): Make your Bruno Mars Appreciation post

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