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Charles Moniz going to the Grammys for ‘Uptown Funk’

He helped build “Uptown Funk” with Bruno Mars and recorded the
teacup-shattering power vocals of Adele in an intimate studio session.

Now, Canadian sound engineer Charles Moniz is heading to the Grammys
for the first time, with a nomination for record of the year for Mark
Ronson’s “Uptown Funk” featuring Mars.

Moniz, who grew up in Burlington, Ont., says he helped come up with
the catchy “doh” vocal bassline
that kicks off “Uptown Funk” while Mars
was on tour.

The team had been stuck on the chorus for a while, until Mars (nee
Peter Hernandez) came offstage after a show one night and proclaimed: “I
got it.

They were tearing down the venue and packing up everything to go and
we were still in that room and that’s where that vocal bassline came
he says. “All that came in the dressing room.”

It was producer-songwriter Philip Lawrence who had suggested they
needed an opening bassline, but he couldn’t play the instrument so Moniz
told him to sing it instead.

“That became what stayed on the album,” says Moniz, who is based in Toronto and Los Angeles.

There’s definitely a larger element working with Bruno where you
feel like you’re with your buddies, just coming up with music and having

Moniz also worked on Adele’s song “All I Ask” from her blockbuster
new album “25.” He joined the project via Lawrence and Mars, who
co-wrote the track.

Moniz worked the recording side of things while Adele, Mars, Lawrence
and songwriter-producer Christopher (Brody) Brown gathered around a
grand piano.

At one point a studio assistant walked in the room to give Adele some tea and was startled when she belted out a verse.

“The lights were down as she was singing and he thought she had
finished singing but she was actually just about to hit one of the
highest notes in the song,” Moniz recalls with a laugh.

“He said it was so loud he actually freaked out and dropped the tea on the ground.”

The recording with Adele was fairly quick and simple, says Moniz:
“She got behind the mic and it was like, ‘Well, that sounds

By contrast, “Uptown Funk” took seven months to make, because they
were working on it while travelling with Mars on his Moonshine Jungle
Tour. Whenever there was a break they’d chip away at it, sometimes using
makeshift studios set up by Moniz in dressing rooms.

They recorded it in Toronto, Vancouver, Los Angeles, Memphis and London, England.

Moniz, who was Avril Lavigne’s bass player from 2001 to 2005, has
been working with Mars for about five years now. He used to be his bass
player and has worked with him as a recording engineer on all of his
live shows, including his Super Bowl showcase and Grammys performances.

He’s now working with him on a new album.

I just like that he likes using live things,” says Moniz. “We just
get to use real instruments and that’s just something I grew up with.
And he’s very creative and by far the best songwriter I’ve been exposed

The Grammy Awards will take place Feb. 15.

Source: CBC

Source: Bruno News

Charles Moniz going to the Grammys for ‘Uptown Funk’

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