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Can't resist- Bruno Mars Short Stories

“What the hell” I say turning on my windshield wipers. “Where did all this rain come from. I’m so tired I gotta hurry up and get home” I say pushing on the gas harder. I hate when it rains. It was always annoying to me. Getting my hair wet and everything. The only time I like to get wet is at night lol. I’m single as hell with a dirty mind. Everything is sexy to me hahahaaa. The car is zooming down the road fast as hell. I hate to admit that the bumps in the road pleasure me some. Before I know it there’s lights in my mirror. They come closer and closer. I see that its a cop car eventually. I pull over and roll my window down. The officer comes out of his car and walks my way. “Excuse me ma’am, do you know why you’re getting pulled over?” He says looking through the window. I looked up at him and swore I saw an Angel. His face was smooth and beautiful, his dimples were deep and perfect and his hair was curly, big and brown. And the eyes…. Goodness they were gorgeous! I’ve never seen anyone like him. I automatically feel in love. “Oh…well, officer… Ummmm” I say stuttering while staring him down. “Please step out of the car ma’am” he says smiling. I step out of the car and look at him. He gently yet roughly leans me against my car. He feels me up and down between my legs. Putting his hand between my ass and rubbing each cheek. It felt so good. He then reached his arm to my front and rubbed my breasts while pushing his boner on my ass. I was able to reach around and look at his badge. It was fake and so was the car. I was fooled. He then whispered in my ear “I know what you’re thinking, I was sent by your best friend” he said licking my ear. “Omg dammit Angie I knew it” I say smiling at him. “Shall we finish this in the car?” He says turning me around to kiss my lips. “Yes officer” I say grabbing his sides. He hand cuffed me and put me in the back of the car. “Don’t say a thing!” He said pulling my pants down and spanking me. He turned me on my stomach as I laid on his lap. He put his fingers in his mouth and wet them then stuffed them in my vagina. He wouldn’t stop until he heard me scream…..which I eventually did. It felt so FUCKING good. He turned me around still handcuffed and spread my legs. He began playing with me and used his tounge ad a penis to insert in and out of me. I was so wet. He started to suck me. It was so hard that I exploded all over him. This never happened before. I was new to it. He was amazing. He kissed my lips to give me a taste of myself. He kissed all over my body beautifully and gently. I can’t believe the feeling I felt tonight but I wanted more.

Source: Hooligan Hangout

Can't resist- Bruno Mars Short Stories

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