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Bruno's Vegas Residency?

Submission: Hey Sunny! Unfortunately the 2nd part of my post about Bruno playing Vegas got cut off 🙁 So I’m going to try sending it as a submission this time.

So to recap, I’m taking this news about Bruno doing a Las Vegas residency w/a grain of salt because this story came from The Sun which is a British tabloid. Tho I can see Bruno doing a Vegas residency for big $$, I can’t see him doing it WITHOUT doing a worldwide tour. Why would he substitute doing a worldwide tour for playing only in Vegas when he has millions of fans all around the world? Not everybody would be able to fly out to see him-I’m sure the tickets themselves will be pricey. Add to that the cost of travel, that makes for a very expensive trip. I love Bruno, but I’m not willing to pay for traveling, hotel stay, the tickets (which I’m sure will be expensive), etc. for a concert. I think it would be hard for many of his fans here in the States to be able to go see him, but it would be even harder for his fans in other countries to go. Bruno has tons of fans overseas-but how many of them would be willing and/or able to fly to Vegas to see him? That’s why I find it hard to believe that he would scrap doing a tour for his 3rd album and instead only perform in Vegas. I will wait for an official announcement from his management (oh wait, he got rid of them lol). It’s still too early in his career for him to be doing only a Vegas residency and not performing anywhere else–he can consider doing a permanent residency after he’s released about 3-4 more albums and has been in the game for about at least 15 more years. But I wouldnt be surprised if he is in talks for doing a residency in Vegas. And tbh, I think it could be a good idea–but ONLY IF this residency lasts less than a year, maybe 6 months and THEN he goes on a worldwide tour. But to limit his tour to only one location would be a bad decision and a serious misstep in his career and he would piss off and risk alienating his fans which isnt a good thing.

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Bruno's Vegas Residency?

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