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Bruno Mars Imagine- The plane/Gorilla, The Deleted Scenes PART 2 (continuation)


“Wow!” Bruno says after pulling his hand away from my warm vagina. “That was great baby! I never had anything like that before” I look at him with a half smile and groan, “I love you Bruno”. He comes close to me and and whispers softly in my ear, “Tonight, I want you to meet me in the empty parking lot down the street from the Pussy Cat Strip Joint, be there at exactly 11:00am”. I nodded my head yes and smiled then kissed him deeply. I went back to my house and jumped in the shower and watched a little t.v to waste time. At exactly 10:40 I heard my doorbell ring. There was a small red box outside my door with my name on it, I didn’t see anyone out there so I didn’t know where it came from or who brought it. I brought the box inside and opened it to see a note inside with red laced panties and bra and stockings. The note read “Here’s a little outfit for you now put it on and come meet me so I can show you what to do.” I slipped on the sexy outfit and put a huge long jacket on over it and began to walk to the location. I finally come to the lot and see a Cadillac in the distance with fog in the windows. I’m guessing that was him. I walked to the car and knocked on the car door. The door automatically opened and a hand grabbed mine and slipped me in. I’ll admit it, I was a little creeped out but was relived when I saw Bruno. He didn’t hesitate to start grinding right away. He grabbed me hard and ripped my coat open and rubbed his erect penis on my side. He started rubbing my back while he pulled my bra down. He then reached for a cup that was next to him and took an ice cube in his mouth and sucked on it for a minute then spit it back in the cup. He put his cold mouth on my nipples to make them hard and he rubbed my breast while he did it. He slipped his hand down my panties and played with my clit while he sucked my hard nipples. He whispered in my ear “Yessss let big daddy take care of you and make your pussy feel so good, ohhhh baby you feel so good” when I started to moan he took his pinky finger and slid it in me….once….twice….three times….before I know it its ten times. “You want bigger huh baby you what bigger?” He says sliding two of his thick fingers inside me which made out a huge gasp from me. “OH MY GOSH” I screamed! He then put me on my side and pulled my panties all the way down and inserted himself in my ass. “Shhhhh baby, dont scream! You don’t want anyone to hear us” he says thrusting inside me. “Ohhh Bruno!! Oh Bruno!!!” I say holding his strong arm that’s wrapped around my waist. “Say I’m daddy” Bruno says while trying to grab my nipple again in his mouth. “WHOS DADDY?” he says taking his penis out my ass and beginning to spank me. “You! You Bruno!” I say screaming. “I’m what?” He said rubbing my clit vigorously. “Your daddy Bruno!!!!!!” I say as I feel cum running down my side. “Oh yea girl, you know who he is!” He says kissing me and turning on his radio and lighting a cigarette.

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Bruno Mars Imagine- The plane/Gorilla, The Deleted Scenes PART 2 (continuation)

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