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Bruno Mars adds funk to SJ prom



Each year, the group holds a prom with a special theme – this one being dedicated to the funky artist. Fantastic Friends creator and prom organizer Marissa Hacker says the mission of events such as the prom is to help connect teens and have them build meaningful relationships.

In December, Hacker released a music video on YouTube, set to the music of Mars’ “Uptown Funk,” hoping it would draw attention to the prom — and possibly inspire the singer himself to attend. The video garnered more than 7,000 views on the video-sharing website alone and grabbed Mars’ attention.

“it was just amazing that he responded,” Hacker said after showing the video at the prom. “He’s such a sweetheart.“ 

Going into the prom, Hacker had a good feeling Mars would make some sort of impact. A few days before the prom, Hacker got word from Mars’ publicist that he saw the video and wanted to do something special.

For someone that big and that has that big of a heart, it was just a great feeling. He is definately with us tonight.“

Video director and creator of Fantastic Friends Marissa Hacker said the idea of asking Mars to the next prom came out of nowhere.

"I woke up one morning over the summer and was trying to think of a good prom theme. And out of nowhere I had a visualization of Bruno singing ‘Uptown Funk’ at our prom.” The 19-year-old Sophomore at Stockton University then brought the idea to other members of the group and they all loved the idea.


Source: Where is Bruno Mars right now, Hooligan Hangout

Bruno Mars adds funk to SJ prom

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