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August 2014

Bruno Mars on stage


Bruno performing ‘Moonshine’ in Denver

Bruno Mars on stage

Bruno Mars WOWS in Saskatoon

Bruno Mars emerged from behind a huge gold and black Hawaiian-patterned curtain, and sang the song Moonshine to a sold out crowd.

Mars used old school charm and serious vocals. This radio favourite did everything right different even down to the stylized 70s era outfits.

Playing with his band The Hooligans, this eight-man band brings keys, guitars, horns, drums and vocals and their chemistry shows.

Phillip Lawrence nearly stole the show, especially when he recited “Oh my god, this is great,” from The Lazy Song, with his perfect Valley Girl inflection.

Lawrence also has a great singing voice. He joined Mars for the song If I Knew was one of the highlights of the night.

He added to his own songs with excerpts of other hits, like Money (That’s What I Want), Pony and Ignition, every time adding his personal style.

Runaway Baby, was his best song of the night’s best arrangements. He used the classic “a little bit softer now” and ended it with audience’s cheers. Quite possibly the Saskatoon arena loudest moment.

Bruno’s encore performance featured a gold confetti cannon with the song Locked Out of Heaven.

Norway’s duo, Nico and Vinz, opened the show and got great response to their hit Am I Wrong. If only there sound check had been less than 50 minutes you’d have a perfect evening.


August 2014

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